Rawness VI: Have clothing that underlines your masculinity

It is okay to have good clothes, the top designer shit that you get everywhere. But it does not really matter if it costs 500 bucks or 50 as long as it underlines the one fact that you want to show the world every day when going outside: I am a man and I can demonstrate it whenever I want. I have style but not essentially money. I have enough confidence to blow up the room by just being there. And I don’t give a shit about if you think that is right or wrong.

So, where to go from here: As I said, you don’t have to spend serious money (as a matter of fact, I hate to shop for clothes, really), just get some stuff that make you like the vessel of your existence. Others will like it too. Start with a good pair of shoes and a good shirt.. and a jeans. There will be no comprehensive list here.. Develop your own style.

Rawness V: Outer appearance

Invest a couple of minutes each day to think about how you look will be seen by others. If you should definitely take a shower or not. If you should better get a shave, sleep more and your nails are still good (girls love hands). It should be a very basic thing, but I want to be complete in this whole rawness topic, so this has to be in here.

Rawness IV: Strengthen your body

A body you can be proud of and that simply looks good increases your self-confidence and the training towards it is a long path that not everybody is willing to follow. The latter is exactly why you should do it though. A long and stony path might be hard and the results may be rare, but it shows you what you are capable of. And the rest of the world will feel that vibe, because you show on a subconscious level that you have a mission, even if it is a secret one. Nobody can keep a sceret. Your body will always tell the truth. You know that is right about girls and their actions, and it is right about you and your actions (your mission, the long path).

Rawness III: Technology is for pussies

Look at all the nerds in this world. Shouldnt it be obvious? Sitting in front of a computer makes you lame (and yes, I am totally aware that I am writing this from a laptop at work in the middle of the night). Staring at your iPhone the whole time might be acceptable in Hipster circles, but it does not display high value. It shows more that you are part of the Apple herd. iPad.. I should not start on that. I don’t really know one thing in the world that is more BETA.

De-technify your life. Purify yourself. Displays are just there to distract you from what is going on in the world around you. They just want to tell you what you should buy next.

Rawness I: Reconnect to your male core

I wanted to write about this very, very long ago. Not until now I have realized that exactly this topic is what is emerging for me right now. I call it: Rawness. Being a man means to be raw and pure. Fuck short-term gains, fuck society, fuck what people tell you or what they might think of you. Build up testosterone, get out. Build a body. Stand upright. Do that girl. I will start a new series about that. This is the first post.

Reconnect to your male core. What the fuck should that mean again? Yes, right: Unfuck what you think right now and try to think what you would want to do when you could do what you want if you had nothing than your body and an incredibly amount of people around you, many of them stunning chicks.No cell phone. No computer. No technology at all. What is it that you need right now? What do you crave for? What is the first pleasure that comes to your mind? Hint: It is NOT to check your facebook for new messages.